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Camping - Easter 2023 - #theperfectgetaway

🗸 Good company

🗸 An interesting destination

🗸 The best possible climate

🗸 Complete equipment

Choose the right company and destination. Keep your fingers crossed about the weather.

We'll take care of the equipment.

You're going to be away for several days, hiking hidden trails and enjoying incredible landscapes, but also challenging your physical condition and living exhausting days, far from the comforts of home... that's why it's so important to be well equipped for a successful camping trip. A pot to heat up food, a couple of thermo flasks to keep your water cold or your tea hot. Practical, sturdy cutlery that's light to carry, cups...

Find here everything you need to transport and enjoy your food and drinks during these camping days 15% OFF.

Have a good trip!

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A timeless classic product that continues to offer unfailing thermal performance. You're out early on a mountain trail, you've...

Choose well your equipment and also where you buy it

Sustainability is part of LAKEN's DNA. This is so, not only because our product, because it is reusable and makes it possible to reduce the consumption of disposable plastic bottles, is intrinsically sustainable, but also because we continually seek innovation to continue producing with the same quality as always, or more, while reducing the impact of our activity on the environment.

A little part of LAKEN environmental commitment

For several years now, the reduction of the consumption of disposable plastics has become a main objective and a cross-cutting action axis at LAKEN. We are not only promoting the use of reusable products we produce and of many others that are on the market and that cover multiple needs of everyday life, but we are also implementing this objective as a guideline in our production and distribution processes.

How do we reduce the use of disposable plastics in LAKEN?

By replacing them, whenever possible, with other materials that are, on the one hand, reusable and, on the other hand, more environmentally friendly in terms of recyclability. In other words, applying the 3Rs of recycling - reduce, reuse, recycle - to our production processes as well.

A very clear example of this initiative is the packaging changes we have been gradually introducing in our product lines. We started by removing plastic bags, we replaced bubble wrap with craft paper, we began to use boxes for one-unit shipments made of more environmentally friendly cardboard, we replaced the plastic boxes of accessories with envelopes and paper packaging....

With this same philosophy, we have been replacing materials in the factory and now, for example, non-conforming products are stored in cardboard or wooden containers until they are recycled, and raw materials are mainly transported in cardboard boxes.

We are aware that the road to sustainability is a long one, and we still have a long way to go. But we are convinced that we are on the right path and are ready to keep moving forward. Will you join us?


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