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Long before the popularization of plastic, when water and other liquids were transported in ceramic or pottery containers, the arrival of aluminum canteens meant a before and after in terms of durability and lightness. Today, this classic water bottle continues to defend its place as an easy transport alternative that reminds us of the excursions of a lifetime. Aluminium or polyethylene canteens are a statement of intentions, safer and more modern and accessible than ever.

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Aluminium canteens with neoprene, canvas, felt or leather covers

Contrary to popular belief, aluminium, as long as it is treated correctly, does not mean any risk to our health. At Laken we make sure to isolate the content from the bottle itself, applying an inner coating of polyamide varnish free of harmful substances so that you can enjoy your favourite drink without any risk.

In this way, our flasks are not only ultra-safe, but also, thanks to the aluminium, extremely lightweight and versatile. And they are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from classic to contemporary, to suit your needs.

Take them with you wherever you go!

Another essential feature is portability, who hasn't taken their Laken water bottle on a hike? But not only that, nowadays portability goes much further, as we have become accustomed to carrying water with us at all times. Using an aluminium bottle will not only help you save money but, more importantly, you will be contributing to the environment by being part of the reuse and recycling movement. And if you also need your container to retain the temperature inside, take a look at our stainless steel thermo bottles.

Sustainability as a flag

At Laken we take sustainability very seriously. That is why we take care to optimise as much as possible each step in the manufacturing process of our flasks. We try to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, contributing to leave our best footprint on the planet. And we know you want the same, so we put it on an aluminium tray so you can always carry your drinks in the most sustainable way possible.


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