With you since 1912

With you since 1912

The year was 1912. The first parachute jump, the second expedition to the South Pole, an incredible lunar eclipse, the invention of the zipper... a year, without any doubt, of amazing facts and magnificent ideas.

While all this was happening in the world, Spanish designer Gregorio Montesinos returned to his native Murcia, after having worked for a long time in the aluminum industry in France. Along with other members of his family, that same year he founded a company.

Just like its adventurous main founding member, the company was not traditional at all. They began working silk, from the breeding of the worms to the production of the fabric; tinplate, manually manufacturing food cans; and aluminum. It was in this material, which three decades earlier had led to the birth of a whole new industry, when one French scientist and an American one discovered almost simultaneously the Hall-Héroult Process, by which molten aluminium was obtained, where the company focused its production.

Pots, pans, boilers in which several people could fit! The new company embarked on the manufacturing of multiple utensils, mainly for the kitchen.

And then, drinking bottles arrived. Lighter, cheaper and more durable than the ceramic and glass containers used at that time to transport water and other beverages.

Although Don Gregorio and his partners still did not know it, Laken Universe was born.

The first years were not easy. It was a time of scarce resources and a lot of work, in a region with an almost non-existent industrial fabric. But the company founders did not desist. They never stopped believing in their ideas.

The sale of thousands and thousands of drinking bottles to the army, to which they were very useful, due to their lightness and because the felt and wool covers had a special mothproof treatment, meant the beginning of mass production.

Over the following decades, they tested the material, challenged the shapes, moved, bought, sold, improved the endings, invented new products... reaching a great improvement, not only in the manufacture of aluminum articles, but in techniques and procedures related to other materials.

A versatile and fully growing Universe.

The expansion of industrial dishwashers throughout the 70s, whose ingredients were too aggressive for aluminum, made the company turn to the production of several sports products. The Laken Universe came out of the kitchens, and began to populate mountains, routes and roads.

Afterwards, all the experience and knowledge gained during years of hard work facilitated the incorporation of stainless steel to the production. It was marmites, the bases for the drinking bottles that also serve as a dish, at the beginning, and then thermos and thermal bottles, another of the great milestones of the brand. Just like this, thermal performance became part of the Laken Universe.

Then, Tritan arrived (high quality plastic). Colors became more vivid, design got more sophisticated, and even a whole new children care line was born, Laken Junior.

That’s how Laken Universe grew full of new products and designs, sizes and functionalities, staying always faithful to the essential values that led to its birth:

  • Quality – Perseverance – Innovation
  • Client’s satisfaction and care
  • Respect for the environment


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