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Aluminium: lightness, versatility, and also safety, in your hands

Aluminium: lightness, versatility, and also safety, in your hands

Aluminium is a versatile, malleable, very light and resistant material, with which Laken has been manufacturing canteens, pots, plates, cups and, of course, reusable bottles for years. Nowadays, it is also a material with many detractors, but if there is one thing we have learned during these 100 years we have been working with it, it is that, with the right treatment, it is completely safe to be used for beverages transportation.

And what is the proper treatment?

On one hand, the internal coating of bottles and canteens with an imid polyamide-based varnish, in which composition there are no traces of epoxy resin (responsible for bisphenol A), that isolates the contents, avoiding the potential transmission of elements from the aluminium to the liquids. It is this varnish what gives the inside of the bottles the characteristic golden tone they have.

The coating is not only totally waterproof. In addition, it is relatively flexible and very resistant to changes in the environment, which means that neither possible deformation of the bottle (for example, by a strong blow), nor changes in temperature, alter its properties.

And this brings us to the second point: maintenance.

For optimum conservation of materials, we recommend hand washing bottles and canteens, thus avoiding the high temperatures of some dishwashers. In the case of aluminium bottles, it is also important not to use any sharp objects for cleaning that could damage the coating. If you need to clean the interior thoroughly, water, soap and a round brush, such as those used for baby bottles, will be your best allies.

Finally, as always, we recommend keeping the bottle uncovered and empty.

Get your aluminium bottle and forget the disposable plastic ones without adding an extra gram to your bag or backpack!

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