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Thermo flasks vs non-thermo flasks

Thermo flasks vs non-thermo flasks

Many of you wrote us to ask about your aluminium bottle and why it does not keep the content cold or why you burn yourself when taking the aluminiun bottle with freshly brewed green tea. Well, in this post we are going to explain you in a very simple way the properties and differences between thermo and non-thermo flasks.

The first and most important thing is to understand how is designed and produced a non-thermo flask (which can be made in aluminium or stainless steel) and how is designed and produced a stainless steel thermo flask.

Therefore, there are 3 different cases:


The aluminium bottle is basically speaking, an aluminium foil with the shape and design that the manufacturer has decided to give (of course fulfilling all requirements needed for food consumption).

We could say, that the typical soda can complies with the same principle as an aluminium bottle. No one will be surprised if after one hour out of the fridge the content is no cold anymore. In the same way, no one will take the can with boiling water inside because, of course, it would burn.


It is exactly the same case like "Case 1", the only one difference is the material but results are the same. Just because material is stainless steel, it doesn't mean that the bottle is a thermo flask. A good example is our Basic Steel family, all products in this product range are made in stainless steel but are not thermo flasks.


stainless steel thermo flask keep the content cold or warm (depending on each case) and at the same time you won't burn or freeze yourself by taking the flask with your hands. What make it possible? It is very simple, basically by creating a bottle inside a bigger bottle and making vacuum in the area between both bottles. Through vacuum is not possible to transmit temperature from one wall to the other. Consequently, the content inside the thermo flask will remain cold or hot (as the case may be).

If you want to have more specific information about our bottles or if you have any further question about this, please contact us via email: [email protected], we will be pleased to help you.

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