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OBY are the bottles of this summer

OBY are the bottles of this summer

The new product range OBY bottles for kids is already available in our website. The bottles are made in Tritan (a very last generation plastic, resistant, free of BPA or any harmful substance and 100% recyclable) and have a new cap with a bear fase perfect for kids. It keeps a flexible spout inside the cap always clean. This spout is connected to a straw inside the bottle that allows drinking in a vertical position.

These bottles are very light, completely airtight and have the perfect measures to carry in a backpack or a bag (450ml). Available in 4 different colours and in 6 funny designs by our illustrator Txema Sanz.

In addition, the bottles are equipped with a textile grip and a very funny place for writing the name of its little owner. These bottles are perfect for children during the summer, the season in which they should be most hydrated.

We show you below all different colours and Txema Sanz designs, each one is a different fantasy experience. We still haven’t decided which one is our favourite, and you? :)


The most friendly giraffe and zebra all around the African Savannah in your funniest bottle.


Monkeys and crabs on the high seas!


Is there something funnier for the summer than a unicorn surfing with a dolphin?


This is what happens when 2 whales fall in love in the middles of the mediterranean sea


Pekemonsters have arrived to invade your bottle


In case some UFO visit us, at least we will have the coolest bottle!


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