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2021 Laken and Laken Junior Catalog

2021 Laken and Laken Junior Catalog

Working on our catalog is one of the things we enjoy the most. It is a long project, which starts all over again as soon as we launch an edition, and involves practically all areas of the company. We have to design products, evaluate trends, choose shapes and colours, renew materials, study functionalities, develop elements, produce prototypes, give opinions, test, discuss, choose, redesign... and step by step give shape to a collection with which, year after year, we hope to reach millions of homes around the world.

The work on the 2021 catalog has also been inevitably marked by the pandemic that has shaken the entire world, turning it upside down in many aspects. While there are criteria that always mark our work, such as quality, sustainability, design and product functionality, this year we have also added an emotional component that we could not and did not want to avoid. Contributing to this great common cause, which is the fight against the pandemic, has taken on fundamental relevance.

This year, among other things, our two catalogs have become one, including both the general and kid's collections, and will be distributed almost exclusively digitally. In addition to our usual products, with some updates, the catalog also includes many new products*:

  • The long-awaited Flow cap, for the Basic Steel line
  • Several lines of our own design in the general catalog, such as Dynamics, sporty and geometrically inspired, or Drink Life!, refined and very stylish
  • Txema Sanz's amusing new designs for Laken Junior, whose universe of wonderful characters keeps growing
  • Several lines of our own design also for Laken Junior, such as We love oceans or Faces

New products 2021 Laken Catalog 

*Estimated release date: Spring 2021.

But there is much more. As in all companies, the pandemic has transcended to practically all aspects of our work, from the simplest, such as extreme hygiene measures in the factory and offices, to the most complex, such as developing specific commercial strategies to support our customers or promotions and messages focused on encouraging those small individual gestures that have become fundamental, like not sharing bottles at school. Everything counts, and although there are many things that do not depend on us, the attitude with which we face each situation makes the difference.

Ours is undoubtedly a SUSTAINABLE ATTITUDE, and we demonstrate it in every decision, in every production process, in every product, on every page of our catalog.

With great enthusiasm and all the love of the team: 2021 Laken Catalog

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