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Spain is Sport

Spain is Sport

Spain is Sport: the Spanish brand of the international sports sector is born

The Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Distributors of Sporting Goods, better known by its acronym in Spanish, AFYDAD, has been working since 1968 to represent the interests of Spanish companies in the sports sector and to boost their competitiveness through various initiatives and services.

As part of these objectives, months ago AFYDAD launched the SPAIN IS SPORT project, a great initiative to position the country and the companies in the sector as an international sports reference.


Spain is Sport. An important step in the digitalization and internationalization of the Spanish sports sector

Spain is Sport brand was created to internationally promote the image of the Spanish sports industry and all the companies that make it up. Under the certainty that Spain is a major producer of high quality and specialized sports products, the strategic plan of the project includes 3 main axes to increase the visibility and business of the member companies:

  1. digital showroom aimed at the B2B sector that is an attractive showcase for each brand to make itself known to new international buyers.

    With a very careful look&feel, this virtual showroom is a true virtual reality experience that invites visitors to walk through different rooms, each occupied by a brand.

    Each brand has its own space to show 3 main products, recreated in 3D and with their respective information sheets, a corporate video and a link to their website.

    A real showcase of the latest generation to position brands as true leaders in the sector in any market.


  1. marketplace oriented to international B2C sales.

    With the convenience of bringing together in a single ecommerce all kinds of sports Spanish products and with the ease of navigation and search that characterizes the most modern marketplaces, this platform is a powerful international sales channel for participating brands. A unique opportunity to reach end consumers around the world.

  1. A sectorial plan for the entry into China, a country with an immense potential for consumption in the sports sector.

    The Asian giant has a young population that is very interested in sports and also values products from Europe very highly. For this reason, and in collaboration with ICEX, Spain is Sport is also a hub for entry into the country that will facilitate the penetration of Spanish brands.


In addition to the online presence inherent to the project and its own promotion plan, the brand will be present in all the activities developed by the association, such as international trade fairs.

Spain is Sport - Laken

Laken is Spain. Laken is Sport

As it could not be otherwise, Laken, which has been part of AFYDAD for many years and has more than 100 years of experience in the manufacture of sports equipment, is one of the brands included in the mega project Spain is Sport.

It is a pleasure and a privilege for us to be part of this initiative that we are sure will be an important step forward for the country as a manufacturer and producer of sporting goods in today's more than demanding international market.

These are our own spaces in the showroom and the marketplace.

In the showroom, we highlight 3 representative products of the brand:

- A reusable aluminum Futura bottle, very light, safe and resistant; available in 5 sizes and 10 different colors, to satisfy all tastes.

- A thermo bottle with Summit cap, automatic and with safety closure. Also available in 3 sizes and 12 colors.

- A Tritan bottle with Oby cap from Laken Junior line, an excellent choice for the little ones, light, resistant, safe, with the perfect size for them and very pretty. Also available with other designs and caps.

In the Marketplace, for the moment we offer a selection of 250 references with which we hope to position ourselves in different markets.

A wide variety of products so that everyone who visits the platform can see that Laken is the European benchmark in thermo flasks, canteens and other reusable bottles and containers.

Come in, see and share!

Posted on 06/16/2021 Laken, here! 1208


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