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The most beautiful and functional reusable bottles for holidays - #ThirstForSummer Laken

The most beautiful and functional reusable bottles for holidays - #ThirstForSummer Laken

It's summer time and that means beach, swimming pools, bike rides watching the sea, lunches and dinners with friends... but, what do all those idyllic plans that we keep in memory during the rest of the year have in common? If you are not well hydrated, they may not be as perfect as you have in mind.

During the surrent summer season, when temperatures rise and remain between 30 and 40 degrees practically all July and August (in some areas of our country even more), it is as important to protect yourself from solar radiation as to avoid exposure to high temperatures and ensure good hydration.

We don't need to remind you how harmful disposable plastic bottles are for our health, as well as the damage they cause to the environment and that's why we propose 5 families of reusable bottles so that this summer you can hydrate yourself in a healthy way for you and sustainable for our planet:

Basic Steel stainless steel bottles, Casual style for everyday

Stainless Steel Basic Steel Bottle

If you are looking for a stainless steel bottle that is lightweight and also has a nice vintage design, this is your bottle. Laken's Basic Steel line has a genuine design reminiscent of the old milk bottles reinvented in different colors, sizes and compatible with the different caps offered by this family. A sustainable bottle, eco friendly, simply ideal to always carry with you.

Classic stainless steel thermo bottles, a double-walled basic

Stainless Steel Thermo Bottle Classic

This double-walled stainless steel bottle Classic offers a thermal performance up to 24 hours for cold drinks that can also be increased if, taking advantage of its wide mouth, you add ice cubes to the content. It is compatible with Summit and Jannu automatic caps with spout and straw, very convenient to use during your sports activities as they allow you to drink vertically without having to tilt the bottle. Available in 4 different sizes, 0.35L, 0.50L, 0.75L and 1L that you can combine with up to 13 different colors.

Simplicity and performance go hand in hand with Laken's Classic thermo bottles.

Futura aluminum bottles, lightness and food safety

Aluminum Bottle Futura

We highlight the aluminum Futura bottles for countless reasons, but here are the most relevant: for its lightness, for having an inner coating of polyamide varnish free of epoxy resin that makes it completely safe for food use, for the wide variety of colors it offers, up to 10 different!, because it is super resistant, because its closure is totally airtight, because it is a reusable and recyclable bottle, in short, sustainable, because it does not retain odors or flavors, because of its simple design with very careful lines... The ideal alternative to disposable plastic bottles.

Stainless steel thermo bottles Lakenjoy, style and thermal performance at its finest

Stainless Steel Thermo Bottle Lakenjoy

The stainless steel Lakenjoy bottle offers a thermal performance up to 24 hours for cold drinks, an ideal choice for the summer! Its sleek shape makes it a simple and practical bottle that fits perfectly whether you're heading to the mountains for a camping trip or down to the beach. If you're looking for both, style and thermal performance this summer, then you're looking for Lakenjoy.

OBY Tritan bottles for children, the funniest ones!

Tritan Bottle OBY

Tritan is a sustainable plastic because it is reusable and recyclable, it offers a very strong resistance to shocks and at the same time it is very light and totally suitable and safe for food use, being free of BPA, phthalates or any other substance harmful to health. For all these reasons Tritan bottles are preferred by parents for their children. Therefore they are available in a lot of funny designs!

In addition, OBY Tritan bottles include the new OBY children's cap with a bear face and very easy to use so that the kids have fun and, at the same time, they can open and close their bottle without help.

We offer you in this post only 5 proposals, but we have a wide products catalogue with many more options for you to decide the one that better fits you.

Take a look at our website and calm your #ThirstForSummer

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