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Plastic Free July - Laken joins the annual challenge this summer celebrates its 10th anniversary

Plastic Free July - Laken joins the annual challenge this summer celebrates its 10th anniversary

Today we start the month of July and with it we join the challenge #PlasticFreeJuly, the international movement that more and more people, companies and different organizations are joining. It began in 2011 in Australia, promoted by Rebecca Prince-Ruíz and supported at that time by only 40 people.

31 days without single-use plastic, Do you dare?

The movement invites everyone who wishes to participate to be especially conscious during the month of July about the use and abuse of disposable plastic products, to live these 31 days without consuming them as much as possible.


We join the challenge Plastic Free July!

In Laken we work all year round to provide our customers with all kind of reusable products that help to reduce the consumption of disposable plastic, such as bottles, thermos bottles, thermos for solids, lunch boxes ... we also have glasses, cups, cutlery and even backpacks to transport and preserve any type of food.

This is why, as it could not be otherwise, we join this global movement, but with an emphasis on maintaining this sustainable attitude throughout the year. We want to be part of #PlasticFreeJuly #AndTheRestOfMonthsToo.

If we want to enjoy a worthwhile future, there is a collective need to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics, and this will only be achieved by instituting healthier and more environmentally friendly consumption and living habits.

The road is long and not easy but every little step counts, do you have an idea of the huge change and the impact on the environment that can be made by spending one day after another during this month without consuming any disposable plastic?, can you imagine taking this same thing during the rest of the year?


European law banning the sale of single-use plastic items and World Plastic Bag Free Day, two more reasons to join #PlasticFreeJuly

In addition to all this, next Saturday, July 3, we have two more important reasons to join this imminent change in the consumption of disposable plastics:

- On the one hand, the European Union law banning the sale of single-use plastic items comes into force

This law, which was passed in March 2019 and comes into force this week, will prohibit the sale of products such as straws, swabs or disposable plastic cutlery among others. In addition, the "polluter pays"-principle will be more strongly enforced for manufacturers of the most harmful disposable plastic products. An interesting note is that, for example, the manufacturers of fishing gear will assume the cost of nets found in the sea, do you know why? More than 80% of the garbage found in seas and oceans is plastic and, more specifically, approximately 70% is made up of the items covered by this law.

- On the other hand, we celebrate World Plastic Bag Free Day

Also next Saturday July 3 is celebrated the #PlasticBagFreeDay, a day to raise international awareness of the huge environmental problem caused by these disposable plastic bags and claim to governments the need for policies that lead to the reduction of this excessive consumption of single-use plastic. It can take up to 400 years for a plastic bag to decompose completely and up to 3 years if the bag is compostable, so, if in Spain more than 6500 million plastic bags are used per year, do you have an idea of the environmental impact?


We are facing an extremely complex problem. At Laken, we firmly believe that the solution involves multiple changes at various levels.

But, as we know that big changes start with small gestures, we propose a couple of initiatives that all of us, as consumers, can do. First, we can reduce consumption across the board. We know that we all tend to consume much more than we really need and neither the planet, nor ourselves, will be able to bear the pace we are going at for long.

And, in addition to consuming less, we can opt for reusable products, to the detriment of single-use ones. Even those that pollute the least pose a very serious problem when we consider the worldwide figures, which are in the billions of units of single-use plastic bottles, cutlery, plates, bags...


Need a little push?

Stay tuned to our social networks in the coming days, we have a couple of very interesting surprises to give you all the tools you need to forget about certain single-use products.

#PlasticFreeJuly is an excellent opportunity to be part of the change #AndTheRestOfMonths too

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