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Laken joins the outdoor yoga and astronomy experience "Adios, Sol - Hola, Luna"

Laken joins the outdoor yoga and astronomy experience "Adios, Sol - Hola, Luna"

Hydration, environmental care and now also yoga - how could we not have tried it before?

Yoga is a spiritual practice that connects body, breath and mind to improve overall health. That is why this millenary discipline, nowadays so fashionable, is closely linked to the connection and respect for the environment.

Nature and we are one. Caring for one is not understood without caring for the other.

This general philosophy, which we at Laken fully share, is what, as a brand, makes us so related to yoga. And it is what led us, as soon as we learned about "Adios, Sol. Hola, Luna" project of Yoga y Cielo, to try to collaborate with them.

What is Yoga y Cielo? A beautiful multidisciplinary project that unites their different interests (yoga, mindfulness, calm, wellness, conversation, music, healthy gastronomy...) with local nature and the development of planetary consciousness.

This summer, Yoga y Cielo celebrates the second edition of its experience "Adios, Sol. Hola, Luna", an activity aimed at the practice of yoga and knowledge of the sky that includes two parts. The first session, which will take place at the Cabezo de la Jara Astronomical Observatory in Puerto Lumbreras, Murcia, on July 9th, will focus on sunset and observation of the Sun. The second one, on July 23rd at the same place, directed to the full Moon, offers the opportunity to get as close as possible to it and contemplate the nocturnal landscape under the lunar light.

In addition, this edition adds a new landscape, that of Palma de Mallorca, from the Institute of Astronomy and Astronautics of Mallorca in Costitx, where two sessions will be held simultaneously with those of Murcia.

An unforgettable summer. We start practicing yoga with one life-changing experience

For Laken is a privilege and a great pleasure to be part of this fabulous experience in which we will be present with two reusable aluminum bottles designed exclusively for the occasion by the illustrator and creative Júlia Solans. One of them, moreover, is available in our website.

yoga y cielo

Would you like to enjoy this lunar cycle connecting with the environment and with yourself as you have never done before? Reserve your spot.


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