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New Tritan bottles for kids We love Oceans

New Tritan bottles for kids We love Oceans

We love it! We have a new line of Laken reusable bottles, dedicated to our seas and oceans, it couldn't be prettier.


We love Oceans is one of the new line of Tritan bottles for kids that we have launched this season. But it's really much more than that. "We love Oceans" is a true tribute to our seas and oceans, and the billions of wonderful creatures that inhabit them and are so affected by human waste, especially disposable and single-use plastics.

Fortunately, for almost 3 weeks now, a European law has been in force that bans the marketing of many disposable plastic products such as cutlery, plates, swabs, straws... Fortunately, the initiative that started 10 years ago called #PlasticFreeJuly is having more and more repercussions and followers at an international level, which also helps to give visibility to the problem and raise awareness, in order to reduce the levels of plastic production and pollution.

Do you want to know more about this movement? You can do so on the official website #PlasticFreeJuly or on the post we have launched some weeks ago. It is never too late to join in such a fundamental and necessary change. And when #plasticfreejuly is over, it's time to say #andtherestofmonthstoo.

Going back to the new We love Oceans Tritan children's bottles, there are 4 different designs screen-printed on a bottle made of top quality Tritan, free of BPA, phthalates and any other harmful component. The Tritan in our bottles is reusable, recyclable and, of course, totally safe for food use, even by the little ones.

And it's a beautiful line too! Try filling any model with water and you will be able to see Caballito, Balena, Fokis or Turtu submerged in their natural habitat, they are super fun!

                    Caballito          Balena          Fokis          Turtu

All models are made with Summit cap in blue, our most practical and functional automatic stopper, with a convenient spout and straw all the way to the bottom of the bottle so you can drink without having to tilt it. It also has a safety lock to prevent it from opening while the little ones are carrying it in their backpack, thus preventing the contents and themselves from getting wet.

Sustainable bottles to take care of ourselves and of the environment at the same time

"We love Oceans" bottles are made of Tritan, a light, resistant and long-lasting material, which also recycles very well. They are made in Spain, which in turn reduces the impact of transport. They are, therefore, sustainable bottles in terms of production, distribution, (re)use and disposal and, of course, they are free of BPA, phthalates, lead or any other substance not suitable for human consumption.

No to planned obsolescence!

Our bottles are designed and manufactured to last for years and years. And, if at any time a part is lost or fails, on our website you can find all the spare parts you need to extend the life of the product. If you buy another bottle, just because you love them!

But when we talk about sustainability, we're not just talking about product

One of the cornerstones of our way of producing (and being!) is sustainability. The advances we have made in this respect over the last few years are numerous and of great value to us. If you would like to know more about what we have done, such as changes in lighting, better waste management or innovations in packaging, for example, and the projects we continue to work on tirelessly, you can take a look at our sustainability section.

Do you like the new "We love Oceans" line? We are totally in love with these 4 wonderful little animals that, as well as accompanying and caring for the little ones in thousands of homes all over the world, contribute to transmit values such as reusing and caring for the sea. More seahorses, whales, seals and turtles; less disposable plastic, please.

Posted on 07/23/2021 by Laken Junior, What really matters 1924


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