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Laken OZEANIC: water purifier bottle with ozone generator

Laken OZEANIC: water purifier bottle with ozone generator

Purifying bottle? ozone generator? what is all that?

Laken OZEANIC is a new product from Laken, your trusted brand of reusable bottles: a bottle that purifies water by generating ozone.

  • Destroying 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.
  • Eliminating the smell or taste that water may have.


The disinfecting power of ozone: pure water, without taste or odour.

Ozone is one of nature's most powerful disinfectants. It is highly efficient as a bactericide, virucide and fungicide, destroying 99.9% of viruses and bacteria potentially present in water very quickly and eliminating any taste or smell it may have.


Is ozone good for your health?

When dissolved in water, ozone is completely harmless to human health. Proof of this is that in many communities in Spain, water treatment involves an ionisation process. The use of ozone as a disinfectant has all the necessary approvals for an effective treatment of the water we consume from the tap and from some other sources.

What is an ozone generator bottle for?

Laken OZEANIC purifying bottle is a very powerful and really economical filter compared to the usual filters, as it doesn't need periodic replacements. Its battery life is 7 days or approximately 35 purifications. The lifetime of the product extends beyond 3 years. It has the advantage of being portable and able to accompany us on all our excursions, so that the water is always in the best possible condition. The process also significantly reduces any odour or taste that the water may have, so you can enjoy safer and tastier water.

How is the purifier bottle with ozone generator made and how does it work?

The cap of the bottle contains an electronic circuit that generates ozone. The ozone passes through a diffuser tube that runs through the body of the bottle and is released into the water, forming bubbles that make it mix homogeneously and purify it.

The cap contains a long-life rechargeable lithium battery. Each recharge of the battery allows about 35 purifications.

The body of the bottle is made exclusively of Tritan, a recyclable copolyester of the highest quality, very durable and totally safe for health, free of BPA and BPS.


Why Laken OZEANIC?

In our desire to constantly move towards greater sustainability, Laken OZEANIC presents itself as a powerful opportunity with multiple benefits:

  • It is reusable and, if it is kept in well conditions, it lasts for years.
  • It improves the quality of the water we drink, avoiding the consumption of bottled water.
  • Laken OZEANIC is a purifying bottle 100% developed in Spain, which complies with all the regulations in force in Europe and whose quality has been recognised by several international awards.
  • Taking into account that it does not need replacements 8unless any piece breaks or gets lost) and we will be able to use its water purification system for years, the Laken OZEANIC is very cost-effective. This feature reinforces our sustainability axis, avoiding the use of spare parts such as the usual monthly filters that add up in pollution and worsen our ecological footprint.


Is it suitable for purifying any water?

The ozone system purifies the water in terms of viruses and bacteria it may contain. However, it should be noted that water contaminated with chemicals and solids will not be treated. The Laken OZEANIC is very useful as a daily household filter and as a purification bottle for drinking fountains, springs and clean mountain rivers. Whether in your daily life or on your sporting excursions, you can enjoy safer and cleaner water.



And how do you use the bottle?

It's really simple: just remove the cap and fill it with water. Then screw the cap on with the small lid open, press the button and wait for the bubbles to stop coming out. That's it!

From now on you can always count on water that is free of viruses and bacteria.

Posted on 06/20/2022 Urban, Sport, Mountain 614


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