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110 YEARS with you

110 YEARS with you

When, back in 1912, our grandparents started working at El Aluminio (their first company, named after the material) in a small neighbourhood in Murcia, they could hardly have imagined how far the company would go. Eleven decades later, that small enterprise that mainly manufactured pots and pans has changed its name, diversified its product lines, reached almost every country in the world and multiplied its original size several tens of times.

These are some of the main milestones of LAKEN's history:

During all these years, the fundamental leitmotiv of the company has always been, and still is, to manufacture reusable containers for the transport and preservation of foodstuffs. Or, what is the same for us, to make people's daily lives more pleasant and easier, allowing them to enjoy their favourite foods and beverages at any time and place.

And this inevitably means taking care of the environment, on the state of which our well-being fully depends.

At a time when the word sustainability was not even invented, LAKEN was already manufacturing and distributing reusable containers. Sustainability is in our DNA, right from the start. And this has led us to apply policies focused on reducing the impact of our activity on the environment in all areas of the businesswhich translates into various actions that affect all production processes, from supplier selection, transportation, manufacturing, packaging and distribution to resource and waste management, including commercial policies and initiatives.

We have been designing and manufacturing reusable bottles and containers to take care of you and the planet for 110 years, and this is something to celebrate!

We are starting with an attractive 10% discount promo on all our products, an excellent opportunity to get a head start on your Christmas shopping, buy that bottle you need or treat yourself.

In the coming weeks, we will also be launching some other anniversary actions. We can anticipate, for example, that we want to find the oldest Laken in Spain or celebrate a very special Christmas. Be sure to visit our website and social networks to be aware of all the news.

Let's go for 110 more years with you!

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