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You have your reusable bottle, you have the house with it full, and after a couple of hours, there is not a drop left. Wouldn't it be great to have a fountain of filtered water nearby to refill it as many times as needed?

That's what or Cleanwave partners do, among many other things: they provide fountains on the street, in tores and partner establishments and even at large events. Laken brings the bottles, and you forget about disposable plastic.

Its all for the sea

Cleanwave does much more than provide drinking water to refill reusable bottles at various points. Cleanwave foundation is dedicated to the conservation, protection and regeneration of land and sea in the Mediterranean. If you enter their website, you can see all the projects that are developing to achieve their objectives: MedGardens Project for the regeneration of the underwater coastal flora, educational projects, such as the "Plastic Out" or "Alga-Cadabra", training for companies awareness actions.

Because our commitment to the enviroment is real, our collaboration with them is selfless

All profits from the sake of Laken-Cleanwave bottles go to the Cleanwave Foundation. If you decide to spend a little more acquiring the Laken-Cleanwave bottle, you contribute with a double good cause: to stop using plastic of a single use and to take care of the sea.

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