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One of the main characteristics of Laken, on which we work tirelessly and which makes us feel very proud, is its wide range of products.

We firmly believe in the need to use more bottles and other reusable containers, to the obvious detriment of the consumption of single-use plastics. And for this to be possible, we have to respond to the multiple needs of a wide variety of people in infinite situations.

That's why, when the possibility of accompanying @FamigliaOnTheRoad with its 4 members (and a fifth on his way!) arose, we didn't doubt it. Choosing the right products to meet the needs of 2 adults and 2 young children on their frequent trips was a very attractive challenge. For us, so far the experience has been more than satisfactory and, as Pier Luigi, the father, tells us, Laken is amply meeting their expectations, what makes us very happy!

Here you have the first post they made about our products - we hope you enjoy it as much as we have!


 Laken products

Laken: thermal bottles for water (and much more!) for the whole family

In a world invaded by plastic, I think it is essential to switch to alternative materials and, above all, with less environmental impact. How many plastic bottles are thrown away every day?

In recent months, for this very reason, among other things we have decided to use a water dispenser for our family. This is a small contribution but it is the beginning of a greater attention to our environment...

Of course, I think this awareness should be kept out of the house as well. That's why, for a long time now, we've been looking for insulated bottles to use at work, during a weekend out, for a trip and for all those situations where we're away from home.

Basic requirement: stainless steel! A resistant material, very durable and that does not transmit any flavour to the liquids.

Another requirement: thermal efficiency! To be able to transport and keep liquids cold or, if necessary, hot, especially for families with children.

This is how we got in contact with Laken, a Spanish company with more than 100 years of history and with a particular emphasis on the quality of products and materials used.

We were pleasantly impressed when we received the products because, from the beginning, we appreciated the quality and care with which they are made.

insulated bottles

Water bottles for mom and dad. There are many colours and sizes. We wanted them, as we have already said, made of stainless steel, and we liked the design very much.

insulated bottles and backpacks for kids

Stainless steel bottles also for children. Smaller dimensions, different ways of drinking, attractive caps. Our children love them and can no longer be without their Laken.

In addition, Laken also offers matching backpacks. Very well made and equipped with a thermal pocket, ideal for trips out of town!

For those who have younger children and still have to deal with baby food, there is a special line of insulated containers for solids and liquidsbibs and much more.

In short, Laken meets the needs of the whole family with quality products and an attractive design.

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