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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the 3 R's of ecology that since 2004 are present as a fundamental pillar in any sustainable initiative that is carried out. At Laken we are also convinced that this is the philosophy and lifestyle that we must all adopt for the change that the planet itself has been asking of us for years, and for this very reason we give special relevance to having a wide range of reusable bottle replacements and spare parts available for our customers.

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 The bases of a more responsible consumption

At Laken we firmly believe in the need to adopt more responsible consumption habits. And we also believe in our obligation, as a brand, to provide the tools at our disposal to facilitate the adoption of more sustainable habits, such as offering our customers spare parts for their bottles.

By having spare parts available for your bottles you will be able to:

•    Reduce consumption. If a part breaks down, you won't have to buy a whole new bottle, just replace the broken part. And it's not just a matter of replacing lost or damaged parts. In addition, there are many models of caps that are compatible with different bottles, to diversify their uses and cover different needs. A single bottle can be very versatile. And that way we reduce consumption.

•    Reuse. This is the DNA of our products, but as inevitably the time and use will eventually damage some of their parts, we ensure that they remain reusable by offering spare bottles and caps. This way we extend the life of the product so that you can reuse it even more times.

•    Recycle. Most of the replacements we offer, and of course all our bottles, are recyclable. Don't you know what to do with the bottle you no longer use? Recycle it with us and benefit from a discount on your next order with our Renew Plan.

Don't you think that Replacements could be the fourth R of ecology?

Where can you buy spare parts for LAKEN bottles?

Right here! Our website is the most convenient place to buy any of our replacements and spare parts, as you have all the information on each product page and you can also contact us if you have any doubts or questions. If you prefer, you can also go to an establishment in your neighbourhood that sells our products. Even if they don't have the spare part you need at the moment, you can ask us to send it to you there.

Gaskets, valves, spouts and straws for LAKEN reusable bottle. Find any spare part for your LAKEN bottle in this section

In this section you will find:

  • All Laken caps
  • Spouts for Jannu and Summit caps
  • Straws for Jannu and Summit caps
  • Silicone gaskets for Jannu and Summit caps, for Classic thermal caps and for Basic Steel caps
  • Silicone gasket for thermo food flasks caps
  • Silicone valves for Jannu and Summit caps
  • Silicone valves for thermo food flasks
  • Reusable bottle covers

And if you still can't find what you need, please let us know!

Which cap is compatible with my Laken reusable bottle?

Caps for wide-mouth bottles, narrow-mouth bottles, Futura caps, Classic caps, steel caps, bamboo caps... it can be confusing! Let us explain in detail which bottles are compatible with every type of cap.

  • Jannu cap (TSJ) is compatible with all LAKEN wide-mouth thermo bottles and all LAKEN Tritan bottles.
  • Summit cap (TSSG), just like Jannu cap, is compatible with all wide-mouth thermo bottles, as well as all LAKEN Tritan bottles.

  • Jannu thermo bottles in all colours
  • Summit thermo bottles in all colours
  • Classic thermo bottles in all colours (included)
  • DYNAMICS; Térmicas, toda la línea (incluido en todas)
  • Tritan Laken Junior; Tritan for kids in all colours

  • Hit thermo cap (TTH) is compatible with Futura narrow mouth thermo bottles and all narrow mouth Laken Junior thermo bottles.

  • Futura thermo cap (TTF) is compatible with Futura thermo bottles and with all narrow mouth Laken Junior thermo bottles.
  • Futura thermo bottles in all colours (cap included)
  • Laken Junior narrow mouth thermo bottles

  • J50; Lakenjoy thermo bottles in all colours (included)

  • Oby cap (RPOBY) is compatible with all 450ml Tritan bottles.

Reusable bottle covers. Care and protect your bottle for a longer life

Neoprene and polyester thermo covers with shoulder strap available in different sizes and colours to protect your bottle and maintain the temperature of its contents. In addition, many of them have different zipped compartments to carry your keys, mobile phone or other documentation, making it easier to take always with you both the bottle and the other things you need.

Extend the life of your Laken products as long as you can! #BeSustainbable


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