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Straws and Valves

Jannu caps have straws of variable length, depending on the size of the bottle. They also have valves, similar (but not the same) to those of the inner containers of the thermo food flasks. Some stoppers need a silicone gasket. Flexible bottles work with a specific cap... And the list goes on, because many of our products include parts that, over time, you may need to replace. Find them all in this section and make your products last longer!

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Among the accessories that we have in LAKEN to give a longer life to our products, and thus contribute to protect the environment, we have gaskets, straws and valves that are replaceable accessories for thermo bottles (and non-thermal as well), canteens, thermo flasks, camping sets... Summit, Jannu, Oby caps...

Quality is one of our maxims and that is why any of the products you buy from us are guaranteed to last, including our LAKEN accessories.


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