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customization Laken

A unique bottle. Really unique

Can you imagine giving your visitors a Laken bottle with your company logo? Or to your employees, so that they stop consuming water in disposable plastic bottles? Or the attendees to the event you are organizing, either corporate or your best friend's wedding?

Customized bottles are a unique detail, which will give your brand an enormous visibility, as they are a useful gift, which is carried everywhere. In addition, they have a high perceived value, and transmit a series of very positive values, such as respect and care for the environment.

At Laken, we offer 3 bottle customization techniques:

SUBLIMATION: The ideal procedure when you want to customize a relatively small number of bottles with colourful photographs or images. For more information, please refer to our Sublimation Guide.

SILK-SCREEN PRINTING: For more bottles (at least 300) and simple graphic motifs, with fewer colours. If you want more information, here you have our Serigraphy Guide.

DIRECT PRINTING: For a minimum of 54 bottles. This printing technique allows you to have any bottle in any color and add a logo to it regardless of how many colors it has. It is a suitable procedure for small orders. You can check our Direct Printing Manual here.

What do you have to keep in mind?

  1. You have to send us the design. We will help you so that it is perfectly adapted to the bottle, but you will have to send us a file following certain specifications.
  2. The minimum amount of bottles to customize is 54 units for sublimation and direct printing and 300 for silk-screen printing.
  3. Silk-screen printing allows personalizing all type of bottles and sublimation, does not. We will explain in detail all the possibilities when you contact us.
  4. We need you to notify us with a reasonable period of time to deliver your customized bottles in time and form. Once the design is approved, it will take approximately 2 weeks to complete the work.

Do you want more information?

Fill up our contact form and we will answer you.


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