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When Laken was founded, more than 100 years ago, beverages and food were transported and stored in reusable containers. It wasn't environmental awareness; it was the only available option!

In addition to the need for durable containers, they had to be made of materials that contributed to the preservation of the content for as long as possible. At a time when microwaves and refrigerators were still unknown words, the longer the food was kept warm and the fresher the water, the better.

For this reason, since its foundation in Murcia (Spain), back in 1912, conservation, reusability, quality and durability are words that have formed part of Laken's DNA.

Today, things have changed a lot. Technology has evolved rapidly, materials and the way they are treated have changed, as have the finishes, the designs... Consumers are much more demanding in terms of appearance and performance, both inside and outside the home, and we are also facing one of the greatest challenges of this century: the reduction in the consumption of disposable plastic.

And this new context makes the needs for conservation, reusability, quality and durability more relevant than ever.

Although in a completely different way, 100 years later, in Laken, we continue to manufacture bottles, canteens and other reusable containers made of aluminium, stainless steel and plastic of the latest generation, of the highest quality and durability, offering maximum thermal performance and a very well thought-out design.

We also export them to more than 50 countries around the world.

Our main objective continues being to give answer to your needs of transport and conservation of liquids and foods, and to do it in the most respectful way with the environment. We do it guided by these values:

- Experience: More than a century of history has made us dominate our products, their materials and know the demands of consumers.

- Continuous improvement and innovation: We accompany our experience with a clear commitment to constant improvement in our products, designs and processes in order to offer you the latest market trends. Proof of this is to have the ISO 9001 Standard or with the support of European Funds.

- Quality and safety of materials: We consider it essential to have the best materials for our products, so that you can enjoy the best possible experience. Therefore, all our products are free of harmful substances such as BPA, phthalates or lead.

- Environmental responsibility: All our products are reusable and recyclable. We take care to generate the minimum amount of waste during manufacture and to recycle those that we cannot avoid generating. We have ISO14001 as a sign of environmentally responsible production. In addition, you can consult our Quality and Environment Policy and our Environmental Commitment.

- And of course YOU: without you and without every customer who trusts our products around the world, Laken would not be possible. That's why we can only thank you for making it possible for this project to move forward with the same enthusiasm as the first day.



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