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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the questions we receive in Laken are answered below. In order to avoid delays and to have the information immediately available, please read these questions and answers.

In addition, knowing the growing general awareness about the need to reduce the amount of disposable plastic we consume, and the confusion that still exists on this subject, in the following lines we will try to clarify some basic ideas about it and offer accessible alternatives to disposable plastic.

Why are plastic bottles so bad?
What can I use to avoid disposable bottles? What are the alternatives to one-use plastic?
How long does a reusable bottle last? How many times can I use it?
What is Laken? Where is it from?
What if I want a reusable bottle for my kids?
Why should I choose Laken?
Are Laken bottles safe for my health?
Where can I buy reusable Laken bottles?
Which is the best Laken bottle for me: aluminium, stainless steel or Tritan?
It is said that the inner coating of some aluminium bottles can be harmful. Are Laken aluminium bottles dangerous?
Are all stainless steel bottles on the market the same? How is the stainless steel used to make Laken products?
Where are Laken products manufactured?
Can I use my Laken bottle with juices?
Can I use my Laken bottle with milk, milkshakes or dairy products?
Can I use my Laken bottle with alcoholic beverages?
Can I use my Laken with very hot liquids?
Why do some bottles "sweat"?
Can I put my bottle in the freezer?
Can I put my Laken bottle in the microwave?
Can I put my bottle in the dishwasher?
How should I clean my Laken?
Can I disassemble the cap of my Laken bottle for better cleaning?
What do I have to do before using my Laken for the first time?
My bottle smells and I can't remove it. What can I do?
My Laken has been accidentally dropped and dented or the coating has been damaged. Is the interior damaged? Can I still use it?

Is it clearer now? Take a look around the web and discover all our products.

And, if you still have any questions, please leave us a message here.


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