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Probably the world's most sustainable bottle

Probably the world's most sustainable bottle

When reusability is at the heart of a product, the ever-present goal of improving its sustainability becomes an exciting challenge.

Laken has been manufacturing bottles and other reusable containers for 110 years. From those first pots and pans, to the canteens that made us known in so many homes or the most modern aluminium, stainless steel and Tritan bottles, the reusable nature of our products as well as their quality have always been our greatest signs of identity.


We have been manufacturing sustainable products long before sustainability was on everyone's lips.

For decades, sustainability has been one of our guiding principles. Not as a goal, but as a philosophy of constant improvement. There is still a long way to go, which is why we take great pride in sharing with you all every small or large step we take.


Starting to manufacture bottles with 100% recycled aluminium is a historic milestone for Laken and for the industry; a change with countless environmental benefits.

Making reusable bottles from 100% recycled aluminium (PCR: post consumer recycled) enables to:

- Reduce CO2 emissions in the manufacture of the raw material by 55%.

- Reuse an enormous amount of aluminium discarded by the consumer that cannot be reused and that would take around 500 years to disappear by itself. Cans, chairs, bicycles, household appliances... so many things made of aluminium can be recycled!

- Reduce by 95% the energy needed to obtain the raw material, as the production of primary aluminium consumes 95% more energy than the recycling of primary aluminium.

- Reduce the extraction and processing of the pure material. Unlike other materials, such as plastic or paper, aluminium can be recycled an almost unlimited number of times.


We are starting with one model, the 1.5 litre aluminium Laken in aluminium colour, and will be expanding the range until all our bottles are made from recycled aluminium.

You won't notice anything; our bottles will continue to have the same characteristics and to offer the same performance regardless of the origin of the aluminium they are made from, but the impact on the environment will be much less.

The spare parts and accessories for the new bottles will also remain the same.

As we expand the selection of bottles we manufacture with 100% PCR aluminium, you will see the marking and labels change.


Sustainability at all stages of production.

We are working hard to improve the sustainability of all our processes, which of course includes the selection of suppliers. All the recycled aluminium we use comes from European suppliers.


Now that you have all the info, do you want to join the change?

Order your recycled aluminium bottle now!

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