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The passion for surfing inevitably implies an unconditional love for the sea. You cannot like a sport like this without feeling a deep admiration and respect for the environment in which it is practiced.

With these values in mind, Surf & Clean, in collaboration with the Spanish Surfing Federation, develops "Learn through Surfing" (Aprende a través del Surfing"), a wonderful educational project that uses surfing as a tool for education, transmission of values and creation of aquatic culture.

Working together we go much further

One of Surf & Clean's work bases is to create a community. When schools, surf schools and municipalities join forces, the results are surprissing.


We learn by experimenting, we learn by playing

Learn through Surfing includes an online platform with 6 training modules, activities in schools and activities on the beach. A little theory and a lot fun!

We are social beings

We interact with others, with the environment and, of course, with ourselves. Valuating and working on those relationships makes us grow.


Laken with the sea

It is a real privilege to be part of this initiative and to continue collaborating in the transmission of values to boys and girls of different schools throughout Spain.


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