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Laken stainless steel thermo flasks and thermo bottles are the perfect combination of excellent thermal performance and avant-garde design. We have a wide range of thermo flasks in different shapes, colours and sizes so that you can choose the one that best suits you in every circumstance. Enjoy your hot coffee or tea or your very cold water or soft drink with our 100% recyclable and reusable thermo flasks, without having to give up a fresh and elegant style.

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A timeless classic product that continues to offer unfailing thermal performance. You're out early on a mountain trail, you've...

Thermo flasks and reusable bottles for everyone and every need

Everyone has their own tastes and needs, also in terms of thermo flasks and bottles. For this reason, at Laken we have developed different formats that satisfy all kinds of requirements.

-          Thermo food flasks with which you can transport your lunch, snack or dinner

-          Thermo liquids flasks whose lid you can use as a cup

-          Laken thermo bottles in different sizes and with a variety of caps

-          Thermo food and liquids flasks and thermo bottles of our kids’ line, Laken Junior, with the funniest designs


Thermo food and liquids flasks and thermo bottles for water and other drinks, let nothing hold you back in your day-to-day life

Regardless of the modelsize or colour, all our thermo flasks and thermo bottles are suitable for containing all kinds of liquids, including carbonated or alcoholic drinks, or food, from an omelette to a vegetable cream, keeping them cold or hot, as desired, for hours. By using them, you will be able to eat hot every day, as well as enjoy your drink at the temperature you like.

This high thermal performance is due to their stainless steel double walled structure. Once the structure is sealed, a vacuum insulation is created, resulting in a thermal container that, depending on the model, can keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours.


Thermo bottles for kids, keep them hydrated in the most fun way

Among all the thermo flasks and thermo bottles available in this section, we have a very wide variety of children's thermo flasks and thermo bottles with exactly the same characteristics and performance mentioned above.

-          Thermo liquids flasks for children: they are the most practical and fun option for carrying, for example, hot water to prepare the baby's feeding bottle wherever you need it. Available in 350ml and 500ml.

-          Thermo food flasks for children: carry your baby’s food at the right temperature for hours or rice and vegetables in the same 1 litre thermo flask with its inner containers. Available in 500ml and 1 litre.

-          Children's thermo bottles: available in different sizes, with different caps for kids and in numerous designs, they are an excellent option for children to enjoy their fresh water and stay hydrated all day long at school, at the swimming pool or at the park.

The difference between a thermo bottle and a thermo liquids flask

Basically, the difference between a thermo liquids flask and a thermo bottle is the use it is put to, from the point of view of how the contents are consumed. A thermo liquids flask is normally used to transport something that is to be poured into another container. All our models include an outer lid that serves as cup.

Thermo bottles, on the other hand, are usually used to drink directly from the bottle, so the cap plays a very important role. Depending on whether the mouth of the bottle is wide or narrow, different caps can be used:

-          Wide-mouth thermo bottles: the main advantage of bottles with this type of mouth is that you can insert ice cubes into your drink, prolonging its thermal performance.


-          These wide-mouth thermo bottles are divided into 3 families, depending on the type of cap they have (although as they are all wide-mouth bottles and have the same thread, they are all compatible with the 3 caps).

o   Summit: The latest version of our automatic cap, available in different colours and with a practical safety lock. In addition, the cap includes a straw that goes all the way to the bottom of the bottle so you can drink vertically. Bottles and caps are available in different colours and sizes

o   Jannu: Our classic automatic cap, very comfortable and pleasant to use. Also includes a straw so you can drink without tilting the bottle. Bottles are available in different colours and sizes

o   Classic: Our most basic screw cap. Not suitable for drinking with a spout or straw. Bottles and caps available in different colours and sizes

-          Narrow-mouth thermo bottles: the major advantage of this type of bottle is that the thermal performance is even higher due to the shape of the neck of the bottle that prevents loss of heat or cold, depending on the content. In addition, this type of mouth is very comfortable to drink from. We have 2 families for these bottles:

o   Futura: Our usual, simplest cap for bottles with a narrow mouth. The bottles are compatible with Hit thermal caps and are available in different colours and sizes.

o   Lakenjoy: Special edition bottle, available in 5 different colours and only one size, 500 ml. A very stylish and practical bottle

Laken reusable thermo bottles are the most comfortable and practical way to carry your hot or cold drink for hours. Get yours and start enjoying the benefits of your thermo bottle. Reusable, recyclable, sustainable... Laken.


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