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Have you lost a cap? Do you want to try a new closure system for your bottle, or give it a different look? Here you have all our lids and caps, with their corresponding compatibility specifications.

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At LAKEN we give you the possibility of "changing" the style of your reusable bottle without having to buy a new one. How? If your bottle is in perfect condition and the only thing you are tired of is its design, you can make it look "new" by changing its min accessory: the cap.

We have different models and colours of caps for our bottles. Within our offer of recyclable bottle caps you have different colours: white, green, blue, red, black...you will surely love some of them.

What bottle caps are available at LAKEN?

  • SUMMIT cap, an automatic cap, with safety closure.
  • JANNU cap, compatible with all wide-mouth thermo bottles.
  • CLASSIC cap, for wide-mouth bottles.
  • Futura cap, for narrow mouth bottles.
  • HIT cap, ideal for the little ones at home to handle.
  • FLOW cap, available soon for all Basic Steel bottles!

Don't forget to check the compatibility on the product page of each bottle before placing your order!


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