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Laken classic canteens are the perfect accessory to keep you hydrated while enjoying a day out in nature. This has gone on for generations!

Who didn't have a Laken canteen at home in childhood? We didn't have the habit of always carrying water with us, nor the environmental awareness that we have today, but no excursion could be enjoyed without a Laken bottle.

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The best way to carry your drink always with you

Traditionally, the most common materials used in the manufacture of containers were others (earthenware, ceramics, glass...). The arrival in our lives of aluminium canteens took place long before the popularisation of plastic, marking a before and after in the way liquids were transported. Since then, this type of canteen has become a classic on excursions thanks to its design, lightness, strength and durability.

Today, we have a wide variety of sizes and shapes, some more classic and others more modern, reinvented with the best materials, but still evoking your most adventurous spirit. In addition, most of them have a felt, neoprene, canvas or textile cover to protect them, to offer a more comfortable grip and ion a way to maintain just a little the temperature inside for a longer period of time.

Of course all our canteens are reusable and recyclable. Both the aluminium ones, with their inner polyamide coating free of harmful substances, and the polyethylene ones are completely suitable for food consumption and do not transmit or retain odours or flavours.

Another container that is also part of our history, and that in Laken we continue to manufacture with the same care and dedication as years ago, is the leather canteen. In different shapes and sizes, coated with a totally safe and very resistant vinyl, our leather canteens will transport you to another era, without losing any of its comfort and practicality.


Water bottles for children and adults, a must for your getaways

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why taking your Laken aluminium water bottle with you to the mountains is the best option:

- They are all free of BPA, phthalates or other harmful substances. In other words, they are completely safe for food usage. Aluminium water bottles and health can go perfectly hand in hand.

- The polyamide inner coating of the aluminium ones is free of epoxy resin. In addition, it is very resistant and flexible as well; it does not dent or break.

- They are completely airtight, so you won't have to worry about leaks and the inconvenience that would cause.

- They are sustainable, 100% reusable and recyclable.

- In this wide selection of Laken water bottles you will find the most beautiful and original designs.

Whether it is for an excursion with the school, or if you are a more experienced hiker and you like to go into nature without a fixed direction, this is your section. Here you will find the ideal complement to keep you hydrated during your getaways in the mountains.


The best water bottle brands are committed to local production and sustainability

Despite the environmental ignorance of the time, more than 100 years ago we started manufacturing reusable containers. Today, sustainability is our goal.

We take care to optimise every step in the manufacturing process of our classic canteens to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, from the selection of suppliers to the final recycling of materials: suppliers selected according to European regulations, advanced management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, more environmentally friendly packaging, sale of spare parts to extend the life of the product, 100% recyclable materials...

In addition, we are committed to local production, as all our canteens are produced entirely in Murcia. Our factory is in a constant process of evolution and improvement, increasingly sustainable, and bases its production process on the manufacture of products oriented towards compliance with the 3Rs of recycling: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.


Laken classic water bottles, a water bottle for a lifetime

In this section you will find the best classic canteens for mountaineering, canteens for hiking, aluminium, polyethylene, with or without a cover... Below, we provide you with all the available options:

-          Classic aluminium water bottle with felt cover: A beautiful 1 litre capacity water bottle with felt cover in khaki or green. There is also a khaki version available with a bowl that doubles as a plate, the ideal option for the classics.

-          Classic aluminium flask with neoprene cover: Available in 3 colours, blue, red and green. 1 litre capacity flask with neoprene cover that fits perfectly and protects it from knocks. Also available with 2 different types of caps.

-          Aluminium square flask: With or without neoprene sleeve, a nice 1 litre capacity flask in red with snap-on cap.

-          Aluminium Africa Flask: 1.3 litre capacity flask with dark green textile cover and wide mouth for inserting ice cubes into your drink.

-          Aluminium classic flasks Round, Canadian and Far West: The 3 most genuine Laken flasks, each one with its own design in textile, leather and canvas cover and 1 litre (Round and Canadian) and 1.5 litre (Far West) capacity.

-          Feather polyethylene flasks with neoprene cover and Camouflage with textile cover: 1 litre capacity flask available in 2 colours, green and red, with neoprene cover and 1 litre capacity Camouflage flask with textile cover with military print.


Leather canteens, a reinvented classic

Looking for a renewed classic? Leather canteens are one of the most iconic containers for carrying liquids in our country and ours, more modern than the old ones, have that touch of originality you are looking for. Their high resistance vinyl resin coated interior makes them very durable and easy to wash. Available in 4 sizes and in straight or curved shape, you will be able to enjoy from now on this traditional product that is back on trend.


If you still don't know where to buy your water bottle or leather boot, or which water bottle best suits your needs, take a look at this wide collection that will help you rediscover your most authentic style in the most sustainable way.


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