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There's nothing like feeling comfortable in the mountains to be immersed in the pure, clean air and fill yourself with the renewing energy of a Saturday morning hike. The secret of comfort for these plans is taking a good camping equipment with you.

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Out in he montains, equipment is comfort

In addition to the wide selection of bottles and thermo flasks that we have to keep you hydrated in your day-to-day life, in this section you will discover a range of very practical sport, mountain and camping products, as well as different accessories for your getaways. Camping sets, lunch boxes, hydration backpacks, fuel bottles... You won't just find accessories for your outings in the countryside, you'll find a wide range of solutions that will make your weekend outing easier and, above all, more enjoyable. Choose destination for the next outing!

Tableware and camping sets, eating well while travelling has not to be an adventure

The best camping sets and tableware made of stainless steel, very light and very easy to carry. You’ll cook simple dishes for lunch or hot dinner dishes when you are camping.

And it's not just about cooking, the service is essential too, of course. Beside pots and pans, take along the lightest and most practical plates, cutlery, glasses and cups. Everything you need for comfortable camping, whether you're travelling alone, with a partner or even with children.


Lunch boxes, enjoy homemade food wherever you go

Available in different sizes and materials, with our all-terrain lunch boxes you will be able to carry your lunch, snack or dinner in the most comfortable way. All free of BPA, lead or any other harmful substances. We also have a lunch box made of aluminium alloy with non-stick coating*, which includes 2 plates and a practical closure that can be used as a handle.


Fuel bottles, it's always a good idea to have a little extra fuel on hand when you’re camping

Available in 600ml, 1L and 1.5L, Laken Fuel bottles are completely safe and approved for fuel storage and transport. Whether you're carrying them on your bike as a back-up or for lighting the camp cooker, these lightweight aluminium fuel bottles will make your camping life easier.


Sports accessories: hydration backpacks, bottles and collapsible cups...

One of the most important things when you're immersed in your sport practice is to stay well hydrated at all times. Our Rider Flask line, specialising in sports products for the mountain, includes trail running backpacks, collapsible bottles, water reservoirs... a whole range of products for hikers and runners who love the mountains and a healthy lifestyle and who value above all the lightness of the containers in which they carry their water and the possibility of drinking without having to slow down.

Good equipment can make all the difference for a great day (or week!) living in nature. Get yours!


*Do not expose directly to fire.


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