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Today, we demand from children's products the same or even better performance than we do from the products we use as adults. We want high quality children's dishes, bottles with excellent thermal performance, safe thermo food containers that keep the temperature of the food for hours... without forgetting, of course, some fun designs, adapted to the tastes and preferences of the kings of the house.

Aware of these needs, our children's line, Laken Junior, offers you a wide range of products to cover all the feeding, hydration and transport needs of the youngest, and also to make them fall in love!

Discover our extensive range of reusable bottles, thermal and non-thermal, stainless steel, aluminum and Tritan, our thermo food flasks, our dishes. Discover the quality of the materials we use, our impeccable finishes, the thermal performance, the ease of washing and care... and let kids discover a universe of stories and characters that will awaken great interest, promoting autonomy in nutrition and hydration and the acquisition of healthy habits.


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Parents and even children themselves are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to children's equipment, both for school and for all the activities they carry out on a daily basis and on weekends.

We all want to have quality, durable and versatile products. We want them to be comfortable, easy to use, safe for our kids, beautiful and at an affordable price.

But we also want them to be manufactured by companies committed to caring for the environment, which follow the strictest principles of sustainable production in all their processes. Companies like Laken, which take care from the selection of suppliers to the transport of parts and raw materials, all stages of production in the factory or the management of resources and waste, to packaging, distribution and even after-sales service to offer the highest standards of quality and durability.

Choose Laken and make sure you are taking the best care both of yourself and the environment.


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