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Back to school with a lot of Flow

Get one of our new Basic Steel Flow bottles + any other Laken Junior product with a 15% discount with the code LAKENFLOW.

This year, get ready to make a style statement with the bottle of the season, the new Basic Steel Flow, which combines all the coolness and features of the Basic Steel line with the comfort and ease of use of the new Flow cap, with a foldable spout, a handle that also closes the bottle and a straw. Ideal for kids and for adults who don't want to unscrew the cap every time they want to drink.

Add to this bottle a dose of fun and colour with the rest of our Laken Junior products and enjoy the perfect equipment for Back to School. Or to kindergarten, or to work, or to the gym?

Wherever you go back to, do it with a lot of Flow!

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Laken relaunches its most urban stainless steel line, now with the Flow cap.The new Flow cap of the Basic Steel line includes a...

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Back to School is a very special time for the kids. In addition to the excitement of reuniting with classmates, the beginning of a new stage and the return to routines, there is also the illusion of brand new school equipment. Equipment with which both parents and kids are becoming more and more demanding.

We want to acquire quality, durable and versatile products. We want them to be comfortable, easy to use, safe for our kids, beautiful and at an affordable price.

But we also want them to be manufactured by companies committed to caring for the environment, which follow the strictest principles of sustainable production in all their processes. Companies like Laken, which take care from the selection of suppliers to the transport of parts and raw materials, all stages of production in the factory or the management of resources and waste, to packaging, distribution and even after-sales service to offer the highest standards of quality and durability.

Choose Laken and make sure you are taking the best care both of yourself and the environment.


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