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Why aren't we doing Black Friday discounts this year?

Why aren't we doing Black Friday discounts this year?

One of the most aggressive campaigns of the year is approaching and, at LAKEN, we have asked ourselves: is this how we want to improve our figures?

At LAKEN we have never encouraged compulsive buying of our bottles, even at the risk of sounding like we're throwing "stones in the wind". At least, we have not done so intentionally. We have had sales, both to sell certain products and to make the purchase more affordable, and many promotions, especially in times when families face many expenses, but we have always tried to do so with criteria and moderation. In fact, one of the hashtags that usually accompanies our campaigns is the already well-known #onlyifyouneedit


From Green Days to Green Week

Some years, we have also participated in Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns. In principle, the idea of making our reusable bottles available to everyone and taking advantage of those days when everyone is bringing forward their Christmas presents to get onto the lists and shopping carts of existing customers and even attract some new ones, seemed attractive to us.

And in fact we still consider the idea, as such, a good one. But after several years of campaigning at this time of year, we have realised that, at least for us, the model does not work: loss of perceived value, repercussions for small businesses, transport collapses and incidents, a feeling of deception among customers who usually buy, returns, returns, returns, returns...


True to who we are: sustainability in our DNA

While we are of course a company and want to sell, we do not want to do so at any price, and we are certainly not willing to do so at the expense of the future of the planet. Our positioning is based on sustainability. We are a factory of reusable products, which makes us essentially sustainable, and we also work continuously to improve our production processes to reduce their impact on the environment.

And all of that wouldn't make much sense if we encourage compulsive buying, which causes us to replace many things that are still useful, or to store up, or, as we mentioned above, to generate a lot of returns when, in the days following the purchase, we stop for a minute to reflect. With the environmental cost of all that.


Do you really need a bottle or accessory?

This year, at LAKEN we are not going to do massive Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts.

We'll see what happens next year, but for now we will try to close the season with the best possible results by implementing other strategies more in line with our way of understanding commerce.

But if you really need a bottle, you have the whole month of November to send us an email. We will be happy to provide you with a coupon with a small discount, in honour of the date.

We are counting on you; think it over and ask us #onlyinyouneedit

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