Climate benefits of Coronavirus - A substantial environment improvement

Climate benefits of Coronavirus - A substantial environment improvement

During the current worldwide confinement situation we are feeling lots of strong and different emotions we didn’t know up to now, living in a way we would never have imagined. It is true that all this keep us in a complicated emotional state in general terms, not to mention the economic impact all this generates on an economic level, this is obvious.

However, if we make a climatic evaluation of the situation, we are achieving what we would also never have imagined, not even with the best campaign by the different associations that fight for a cleaner planet: reduction of pollution in general by 70-80% in the main Spanish cities, skies 60-70% cleaner,…

All this information motivate us and enables us to see that it is possible to do much more to take care of our planet, but it is useless if we do not act responsibly and as soon as we can open the doors of the house we keep consuming and polluting to the same levels we did. In addition to this, the individual responsibility of each one of us is also fundamental because, in addition to collaborating with the environment, we will be giving an example to those who will be founders of important companies and industries tomorrow.

For our part, we offer you the solution to reduce and even completely eliminate the consumption of disposable plastics to stay hydrated, but there are many more gestures you can introduce in your life to keep helping every day.

Here we give you 5 examples:

  • Recycle at home, this is something obvious but it is not yet implemented as much as it should be.
  • Turn off appliances that you do not use. Leaving electrical appliances on standby mode means that energy continues to be consumed completely unnecessarily.
  • Whenever you can, squeeze every single sunbeam, also now it is very necessary. At the same time, try not to use excessive electric light.
  • If you have place at home to have some plants or even a tree, you are also doing a great favour to nature. It may look a very small thing but if we all put it into practice the final impact is very remarkable.
  • Try to consume organic food as close as possible to your region. These foods are not produced with fertilizers or other contaminating chemicals and also the further away they come, the more contamination there has been in transport until it reaches your hands.

If we each contribute in addition to changing the way of consumption that until now we have had, our planet will thanks us.

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